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Ask Dr. Judy

Judith K. Hochstadt, M.D. - “Dr. Judy”

Pediatric Endocrinologist
Founder, President, and Medical Director of HELP LLC

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Submit your health questions> to Dr. Judy. We'll post both the question and answer so that you and others can be informed and empowered to make good decisions about your children's health:

Q. How many servings of fruits and vegetables should my kids be eating?

Q. Is high fructose corn syrup in prepared foods bad?

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August 1, 2006Contemporary Pediatrics, It’s time to start podcasting (start what?) for your practice! Dr. Judy discusses podcasting as a medium for her message on childhood obesity. Get Full Story>

June 26, 2006 - HealthNewsDigest.com,
Diabetes Issues
Water and Diabetics - Three Reasons to Stay Hydrated. Get Full Story>

June 1, 2006 - Connecticut Post,
SWEET MOVE - Hochstadt applauds efforts to take soda out of the schools. Get Full Story>

February 17, 2006 - News 12 Connecticut, “On Health” Interviews Dr. Judy
Connecticut Residents Weight in on the Proposed Bill to Ban Soda in Connecticut Schools. Get Full Story>

February 3, 2006 - Rehabilitation Associates, Inc., CT becomes the first rehabilitation facility to become a HELP licensee.Get Full Story>

January 16, 2006 - The Greenwich Family YMCA is teaming up with Whole Foods Market® (NASDAQ: WFMI), to launch HELP. Get Full Story>

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What Our HELP Graduates Are Saying:

"Your Program has changed our lives and
I would recommend it to anyone with similar issues."
--- Ashley's Parents

"I had attempted many different weight loss programs, but none worked until HELP.  Being with a group showed I wasn't alone and it taught me how to deal with everyday situations from parties to school lunches.”
--- Sophie B-W

Sophie before and after

"I found it extremely helpful to listen to the participants in the program because it made it painfully obvious that some things never change.  They were going through some of the same things I went through when I was in middle school and high school.  It was great to know these students had an outlet where they could come and discuss problems they were facing.”
----  Stacey B-W

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HELP - Dr. Judy's Healthy Eating Lifestyle Program

Download a brochure>

What is HELP and who is it for?
Dr. Judy's Healthy Eating Lifestyle Program, HELP, is a six-week,family-based, intensive nutrition and lifestyle management program designed specifically for nine-19-year-olds at high risk for obesity related diseases.

What is it designed to achieve?
HELP is designed to reverse our children's health risks in a few short weeks to months . We teach you to make appropriate lifestyle choices with the end goal of healthy weight loss while also fulfilling the nutritional requirements of older children and adolescents.

What have been your successes?
HELP has achieved success in reversing obesity-related diseases , including metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular risk factors, NASH (Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis), and PCOS (PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome) in hundreds of patients. Read HELP alumni testimonials>

Is this just another fad diet?
No. HELP's nutritional prescription is meant to become your new way of eating and living. HELP's common sense approach to nutrition is neither a completely low-fat nor a low carbohydrate plan, but rather a healthy combination of the two. We teach you the importance of consuming whole foods and avoiding foods with a high-glycemic-index in order to maintain stable blood sugars, lessen food cravings, and decrease overall food intake.

Is there an exercise component?
Yes. HELP's exercise philosophy maintains that daily physical activity is a priority and a must in any weight loss and weight maintenance program .

What are my options for participating in HELP?
You can enroll in a live workshop near you, or you can take an online workshop. Learn more about Our Workshops>


Parents & Children

Find a Workshop near you
Take a Workshop Online (Coming Soon!)

We have taught hundreds of parents and children how to work together, using HELP's simple yet effective six-week nutrition and lifestyle management program, to realize their goals of reversing childhood overweight and obesity and its associated health risks.

Are you interested in participating in a HELP program with your child? Learn more about Our Workshops>

HealthCare Professionals

Become a HELP Licensee
HELP Licensees

HELP has achieved success in helping to reverse obesity-related diseases, including metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular risk factors, NASH and PCOS in hundreds of patients.

Are you looking for a proven program for working with overweight and obese nine to nineteen-year-olds in your community? Learn more to Become a Licensee>


All About HELP - the latest news about pediatric and adolescent obesity plus an introduction to the HELP program. Get Transcript>

A Pediatric Nutritional Prescription - your child’s nutritional requirements from grade school to adolescence. Get Transcript>

Family Dinners in a Fast Food World - if you would like to re-introduce family meals into your own lifestyle but don't know where to begin, here are some ideas. Get Transcript

The Dangers of High Fructose Corn Syrup - new research suggests that we don't reach satiety eating even large quantities of HFCS and that those excess calories are converted to fat and stored in adipose tissue. Get Transcript

Not All Carbohydrates Are Created Equal - new science offers the benefits of eating a slow carb diet without the nutritional drawbacks and health risks of eating a low-carb diet. Get Transcript

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